Top 5 Myths about ordering food from home chefs

Top 5 Myths about ordering food from home chefs

Has it ever happened that you came across an excellent home chef or baker but did not buy due to your misbeliefs about them?

If you would open your eyes, then you know that your beliefs are completely false and we are here to enlighten you to the truth.

It is often difficult to trust anyone with food since it is the main source of maintaining your health. Each one you will definitely want to order from a place that is hygienic and offers healthy food. We trust restaurants and cafe’s blindly for our needs but when it comes to home chefs, we have a certain doubt regarding the taste, or quality, or hygiene, etc. Why is it that we believe these restaurants and not someone like us who also cooks at home?

Well, get ready to blow your mind, since these facts will leave you surprised and awed.

Myth 1. Home chefs are not professional and so the food is not tasty.

Home baker

Have you ever doubted the food served to you by your mom? Then why doubt the home chefs?

Most of us are from the gang who believe that home chefs lack the skill to cook and thus we distrust them with the taste of the food. We believe that the food will not be good and thus refrain from ordering from them.

Well, it’s time to come out of the box because our home chefs are as skilled and talented as a professional chef from a restaurant. Our home chefs are moms, dads and young adults trying to achieve their passion and earn a sizeable income. You don’t need a professional degree to cook good food. All you need is some talent, hard work and love to make tasty and delicious food.

Go ahead check out the delicious menu served by our home chefs and order your first plate today!

Myth 2. Their food is of bad quality

To be honest, if there is any good quality food in this world then it is the home-cooked food and not stale food from the restaurants and cafes. Hard to believe right? But restaurant food is stale since they promise fast service and serve 50 customers together. They pre-make the gravies and other ingredients and serve them when a customer orders them. Unlike a restaurant, our home chefs accept pre-orders and make the food fresh right before the time of delivery. It depends from chef to chef how many hours before they accept the order. This way they ensure that only freshly cooked meals with fresh ingredients is served/delivered to their customers.

Myth 3. The quantity is less and price is more

Well well well, look at us, assuming anything that comes to our mind. If you would go on to Urban Tummy and check the prices and quantity offered by our chefs then you would know that you have been living a lie. The food rate of our home chef is pretty affordable with a good amount of quantity. Our home chefs do not charge extra unnecessarily.

Myth 4. Home chefs don’t take bulk orders.

Since you believe this, let me tell you, home chefs are the best people to take bulk orders from since they cook fresh you can serve your guest hot food. They use quality ingredients and so you will be providing superior quality food. Along with that, your guest will feel at home when they have the home-cooked food from our chefs. it will make them feel at comfort.

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