Now is the time to start a home based restaurant

Now is the time to start a home based restaurant

If you have a home based kitchen, passion for cooking and have ever thought about starting a culinary business, why not start a home-based restaurant and make money doing what you love by selling meals to your neighbours. Rather than investing significant amounts of time and money into your own restaurant/other part time jobs,the homemade food economy might just be the answer.

Being a home-based food entrepreneur also provides flexibility and a much lower level of risk to get started, creating an evolutionary shift in the food industry that opens it up to so many people with big dreams of sharing their amazing food with the world. With Urban tummy, we ensure we are there to guide you in the process, every step along the way. 

If you’re thinking about starting a home-based restaurant, here are 5 reasons why there’s no better time than NOW to get started right away!

Starting a home-based kitchen is a New Market with low competition

Joining the homemade food economy now when we are consolidating the producers and the consumers, would make you an early adopter in navigating this exciting new industry! It also means that you get first hand access to all the tools, information, and resources we have designed to guide home-based cooks in how to succeed. 

Additionally, you have a competitive edge to test out the market, master it, and market your delicious food in your local community. 

Opening a Home-Based Restaurant is a Low Risk Business Model

On average, opening a traditional restaurant can cost upward of $275500 ( In comparison, by opening a home kitchen, your home is your office meaning that you do not have to invest in real estate space or pay for all of the expenses that come with it.

Remember you still have to invest in the success of your home cooking business. You’ll need to procure cooking supplies, packaging materials, delivery expenses(Optional) to ensure you deliver the best experience to your paying customers.

A Home Cooking Business Gives You the Flexibility to Work on Your Own Terms

Who can resist the temptation of being able to clock-in and clock-out whenever they want while making money on their terms? Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent who is looking for ways to make money while you take care of your children, or someone who already has a career they love and wants to make a little extra cash on the side from their hobby, launching a home cooking business is an alternative that allows anyone to turn their cooking skills into profit. With the proper level of time management skills and prioritizing, your home-based cooking business can become a supplement income you would be proud of.

Urban Tummy makes starting your home-based restaurant simple

Not only do we walk you through every single step of getting your order organised, we provide resources to help you learn the trade including creating your menu and taking high quality photos of your meals. Additionally,  Urban Tummy is a social dining platform that connects you with local hungry customers while helping you manage your orders. We bring customers to you, and all you have to worry about is making delicious meals!

Starting out as a home-based cook will help you upskill your culinary skills and test your own market preferences

If you plan on opening your own traditional restaurant in the future, opening a home-based restaurant now is an amazing way to hone your culinary skills, test out the market, and cultivate your core customer base before making that big investment. According to Chef Rocco, 90% of independent restaurants close during their first year in business, so being able to test out your success in the industry before making a large investment gives you an edge compared to your fellow peers

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