Meet Our Home Chef: Shazia

Meet Our Home Chef: Shazia

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Shazia.

Biryani by Home chef Rathna

How her journey started

When I was in school, everyone around me wanted to become a teacher or an astronaut or something more common and dreamlike, but I was always interested in cooking since childhood. As a child, I had always seen my mother cooking amazing and impressive food for everyone in the family. A few of my cousins would particularly visit to have mutton biryani cooked by mom as it was her speciality. My mom always said that the way to happiness and love is through one’s tummy. And that is how she won everybody’s heart in her family. It was always so fascinating to watch everyone love her and her food.
I was a keen learner and a quick adapter. I would often watch her cook and try to memorise her recipes. My father and mother were always supportive of my love for cooking. They were happy to see me grow my interest in cooking. With their help and constant support, I became a professional chef and started my own Anjums Kitchen.
My parents never stopped encouraging me and were always ready to assist me with my business. It is because of them that I never stopped learning and always took bigger steps without fear. Knowing that even if I fall, they always have my back.

Her Speciality and favourites

I make mind-blowing chicken/mutton biryani. Being a Muslim, the actual taste of Biryani comes naturally in my cooking. Other than cooking Biryani, I also make delicious, spicy chicken/mutton curries. They are my families favourite and a few customers’ go-to dishes.

Mutton gravy

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

“Live a happy life doing what you enjoy.”

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