Meet Our Home Chef: Shaheen Shaikh

Meet Our Home Chef: Shaheen Shaikh

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Shaheen.

Biryani by Home chef Rathna

How her journey started

Shaheen Shaikh is a chef who comes from a conservative Indian family. She was always fond of cooking but was only restricted to serving her own family members. She would often try new things to cook for her family and would love the praises from them. Her favourite pass time has always been cooking and recently she decided to start her own small home-based business.

In lockdown, her son lost his job, who was the only breadwinner for the family. Despite a lot of tries and hard work, he could not find a job. Seeing the situation of her house, she decided to take matters into her hand. Our chef Shaheen voiced that she always wanted to be a Chef and was still ready to pursue her passion. If she could do anything to bring the income home using her talent for cooking, she would be more than happy to help.

But as the start of something new is always difficult, her family were concerned about her health and age. Looking at her determination and perseverance, they were surprised and proud of their mother. At the age of 55, she is doing everything by herself. It has been 1 year that they have served to more than 1800+ families and taken care of 500+ events catering.

Her Speciality and favourites

After so many years of experience in cooking, our chef Shaheen has excelled in cooking Hyderabadi cuisine.

Her customers often compliment her on the authenticity and the traditional taste of the cuisine. She tried to maintain and enhance the taste that reminds people of Hyderabadi food.

Masala Fry Mutton
Masala Fry Mutton
Hyderabadi Biryani
Hyderabadi Biryani

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

“Age is just a number. If you are focused on what you want to achieve, you can do it at any age.”

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