Meet Our Home Chef: Ravindra

Meet Our Home Chef: Ravindra

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Ravindra.

How his journey started

Our chef Ravindra is a simple-minded person who believes in doing good for the community. He says nowadays people have ruined their lifestyle and he wants to make a difference there. To make people follow healthy lifestyles our chef Ravindra has taken the issue into his own hands and started his “Slow food kitchen”.

He makes traditional food with authentic flavours and ingredients for his customers. He says homemade food is fresh, has quality ingredients and is made on order so it’s healthy. He makes sure that he uses different spices and lots of vegetables and less oil in his food. He has grasped the attention of a few of his customers who have now become loyal customers ordering food on a daily basis.

Making a difference in the community is his top priority and this makes him extremely happy.

His speciality and favourites

He cooks flavoursome, delicious and filling chicken biryani and that idli for his customers. This is their absolute favourite and popular.


His tip to fellow Chefs!

“Make your community a better place to live for everyone.”

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