Meet Our Home Chef: Rachel
Hainanese Chilli Sauce

Meet Our Home Chef: Rachel

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Rachel.

Hainan Baobao by Rahcel Han

How her journey started

Our chef Rachel says, “It all began with my love for Hainanese food. I have always enjoyed it and looked forward to eating it every day. I remember that one day distinctly, somehow I decided to cook it for myself. After my first trial itself, I realised I was good at cooking Hainanese cuisine and decided to share my dishes with my friends and family. “

Just once, is all it took for them to love it! They always came back for more and took it home to savour the chilli. Basically, they didn’t want their friends to finish up their stock!

After this, I decided to start my own label – Hainan Baobao. So far, friends and family have been fully supportive and I look forward to sharing my chilli and upcoming traditional Hainan dishes with everyone.”

Her specialities and Favourite dishes

“Hainan Baobao is born out of the desire to serve and preserve authentic Hainanese recipe and culture. To grow and spread the love of Hainanese taste.

My customers are always ordering my famous Hainanese Chilli Sauce! They absolutely love it and send their order as soon as it is over!

You should definitely try out my special Hainanese Chilli Sauce and My Chicken Rice set as well! Its worth it!”

Hainanese Chilli Sauce

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

“It’s never too late to try out new dreams! I fulfilled mine, you can do it too!”

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