Meet Our Home Chef: Mohamed Fadli Ahmad

Meet Our Home Chef: Mohamed Fadli Ahmad

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef, Mohamed Fadli Ahmad.

Home Chef Mohamed Fadli Ahmed

How his journey started

“I and my wife are real foodies and frequently try out new dishes and recipes from different places. One of our favourite dishes is Peranakan Kway Chap. My wife loves Chinese food especially Peranakan food. Since we were unable to find any local halal Kway Chap we decided to make our own right at home.

Occasionally we started sharing our Peranakan Kway Chap with our friends and family. It took me and my son about 3 weeks to master cooking the dish from my mother in law, who is a born Nyonya

The recipe I follow has been handed over to me by my Mother in Law, which was taught to her by her Peranakan Nyonya great grandmother whom she called ‘Cho-Cho.

His specialities and Favourite dishes

Their specialty is the authentic Peranakan Kway Chap created from the roots of the Peranakan culture.

Peranakan Kway Chap
Peranakan Kway Chap

His tip to fellow Chefs!

“We need to have patience when we learn something new. Embrace different cultures with pride as each culture has its own unique story that needs to be shared with future generations.”

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