Meet Our Home Chef: Matthew & Nova

Meet Our Home Chef: Matthew & Nova

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Matthew & Nova.

Home chef Nova & Matthew
Home chef Nova & Matthew

How their journey started

Their journey commenced 5-6 years ago when Matthew was craving for a quality sausage and couldn’t find one near him. Due to the lack of quality in frozen sausages, Nova decided to take matters into her own hand. She got a meat mincer with casings to start making sausages herself using local meat. Within her first try, she excelled at it without any professional help or background in making sausages. With rave reviews coming in from her colleagues, friends and family they decided to expand their venture.

When Nova was in Australia, she was staying with a farmers family, who made their own sausages. With the help of their techniques and a few tips from the internet, she nailed the texture of sausages within her first three tries.

Chef Nova making a fresh and hearty breakfast
Chef Nova making a fresh and hearty breakfast

As their venture started picking pace, they invested in a sausage machine to ensure consistency and cater to the large volume.

Currently, options include delivery and self-pickup. With increasing orders, they decided to open up their first eatery recently.

Sausage KL has built a loyal customer base, being the only quality producer of sausages in the country. With the help of word of mouth, other restaurants and cafes have now started reaching out to them directly for orders.

Their Speciality and favourites

They have a wide variety of sausages and you can choose and pick your preferred flavour or meat. They can make up to 5kgs of sausage in one batch.

Morning breakfast with sausage
Morning breakfast with sausage

If you like your sausage smokey & hot, then you should definitely try out their Toba sausage made from Indonesian Black pepper. It is extremely aromatic and a delight to your senses.

What makes their sausages unique from the rest — no preservatives, gluten-free, no chemicals, fewer fillers and more meat. “Ours is only about two to three per cent fillers. We need a little bit for it to bind together. But you don’t need much. We use tapioca flour so it’s gluten-free. We try to make it more meat than fillers. In our opinion, fillers lower the quality of the products so it goes against our principles to make really firm blood pudding,” explained Matthew.

Other than just sausages they also serve chicken nuggets, sandwiches, pasta, shepherd’s pie, etc. All of which have sausages in them.

Their tip to fellow Chefs!

“Do not be afraid to start your own venture, take a step and go with the flow.”

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