Meet Our Home Chef: Joyce
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Meet Our Home Chef: Joyce

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Joyce.

Chef Joyce

How her journey started

Chef Joyce says, “Baking is like therapy, it is happiness, it is satisfying, it is my passion.”

Chef Joyce is a strong woman who believes in herself and is not afraid to conquer her dream. Since childhood, she wanted to be a baker but was too shy too pursue it. Due to covid, she was made redundant like several others, but chef Joyce didn’t lose hope. She pursued her dreams with self-confidence and strength.

Her specialities and Favourite dishes

She prefers to create new designs & flavours while baking. For her, baking is a form of art and she is the artist.

One of the most special thing about her baking is that all her cakes are less sweet. She says they’re the perfect amount; not too much, not too less.

Her specialities are Strawberry Bouquet Cake & Chocolate Cake with Rose Mousse.

Chocolate Cake with Rose Mousse.
Chocolate Cake with Rose Mousse.
Strawberry Bouquet Cake
Strawberry Bouquet Cake

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

“Just because one path is blocked for you doesn’t mean you can’t take another route. Experiment, be hopeful and do what you love.”

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