Meet Our Home Chef: Jeannie
Roll cake

Meet Our Home Chef: Jeannie

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Jeannie.

Roll cakes by Home chef Jeannie

How her journey started

Like every other baker, I had no background or experience in baking sweets. I was a newbie but I had to start somewhere so I started to bake roll cakes when I found my special recipe for it. At my first attempt itself, I realised I had a knack for baking. The roll cake turned out to be the perfect amount of fluffy and sweet. I had a natural talent for baking so I decided to pursue more in it.

Soon after a little practice, my roll cakes were moist, semi-sweet and unforgettably fluffy. When I had first tasted my roll, it was like ‘Love at first sight” for me, so I decided to share it with my family and friends too. Turns out, they absolutely loved it and appreciated my hard work more than ever. My confidence level was boosted to infinity and so I decided to share my dessert with the outside world too! I begin sourcing healthier ingredients to create Good Sugar’s roll cakes and distributed samples to my family and relatives. No doubt, it was a success! Hence, Good Sugar was created!

Her Speciality and favourites

Our speciality is our healthy roll cakes like Grilled Seaweed Crispy Chicken Floss Roll Cake, Sugar-Free Oreo Cookies Roll Cake and Yuan Yang (A.K.A Coffee+Milk Tea) QQ Mochi Roll Cake

Grilled Seaweed Crispy Chicken Floss Roll Cake

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

“We strongly believe in ‘You Are What You Eat’! So eat good food.”

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