Meet Our Home Chef from Three Good Tarts

Meet Our Home Chef from Three Good Tarts

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef who started Three Good Tarts.

Home chef Nova & Matthew

How their journey started

Three Good Tarts is founded by three baking enthusiasts – a brownie stylist who gave up her 25 years of corporate life, a nutritionist and an award-winning pastry trainer.

Our three entrepreneurs are also dessert lovers who got to know each other in a baking school close to 10 years ago. “We know of friends and family members who love sweets and bakes, but due to health reasons, they are unable to enjoy these desserts as often as they used to. Therefore, we would like everyone, people of different ages, people with light taste buds, and those concerned with their sugar intake to enjoy desserts as much as possible. We embark on making affordable healthy desserts, with minimal or reduced sugar content at Three Good Tarts.”

Their Speciality and favourites

Their speciality is healthy artisanal tarts and cakes. They say, “We have created a variety of guilt-free home-baked tarts. To give a rustic look, our tart shells are hand-moulded.  No fancy ingredients, no additives and no preservatives are used in our tarts.  Our tarts look rustic yet presentable, simple yet taste good. We take pride in ensuring that all our bakes use fresh and premium ingredients.  We keep added sugar to a minimum and avoid any chemical additives in all our desserts. We make pastries that we are proud of to serve to our loved ones.”

Tarts and cakes

Their tip to fellow Chefs!

“Prepare desserts with a good heart. Truthfully ask yourself this question before serving it to your customer: “Is this good and healthy enough to be served to your loved ones?””

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