Meet Our Home Chef: Dexter
Otak Otak

Meet Our Home Chef: Dexter

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Dexter.

Home chef Dexter

How his journey started

Isn’t it every child’s dream to become like their parents and do exactly what they are doing? A very few still keep the passion burning inside of them to continue to pursue the goals that were once their parent’s.

Our chef Dexter was one such child who was always interested in what his mom would do. He said she would often cook a lot of new dishes and delicacies since she possessed a passion and love for cooking. Watching her cook and how it made her feel so peaceful, motivated me to do the same too. Of course, I tried cooking at first and found it a bit difficult, but with the help of my mother I excelled at it with flying colours. I did not realise that I shared the same passion for cooking as my mother until I tried it. I would often sit there for hours and watch her cook in the kitchen. It was an enlightening, fun and pleasant journey.

Our chef cooks authentic and freshly home cook food that everyone misses from the good old days where mum used to cook at home. He promises to bring back those happy memories from your childhood.

His Speciality and favourites

Our dishes are made fresh on order with 0 preservatives. We usually cook Western and Italian cuisine but since MCO, I start cooking all my mum’s favourite dishes. Some of them are creamy buttermilk chicken. Otak Otak, ayam masak merah, etc.

Braised Chicken Feet

Ayam Masak Mereh

His tip to fellow Chefs!

“Don’t give up in what you are doing, practice makes perfect.”

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