Meet Our Home Chef: Deepa

Meet Our Home Chef: Deepa

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Home Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef Deepa.

Home chef Deepa

How her journey started

I was never into and was always a busy woman who had a 9-5 job but it all changed in a second. I had to take a break from work & rest at home due to family issues.

But I could not rest until I found something to do for myself. I would often feel uneasy doing nothing at home and wonder what I can do in my past time. Just when I finding for ideas I thought to myself why not start something home.

When I see in & around the offices of Mumbai, I feel there is a dearth of healthy food. There are stalls of vada pav, panipuri, momos, dosa, etc but hardly anyone selling something healthy. It’s the same old junk with too much oil and less healthy and fresh ingredients. That prompted me to start my own home-based cooking business. Something healthy for everyone made by my own hands so that it is clean and tasty from my kitchen. That’s how Deepa’s Home Kitchen was born

Her Speciality and favourites

She specializes in healthy baking so varieties of cookies which are gluten-free, refined flour free & refined sugar-free. My oatmeal cookies and wholewheat orange cake are famous amongst the customers.

Oatmeal cookies

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

“if you feel like doing something, don’t sit and relax. Find your interest and passion.”

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