Meet Our Chef: Sir Lawrens

Hello Tummy heroes and Urban Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef, Lawrens.

How his journey started

The Dumpling Republic is a famous home-based business started by our chef Lawrens. He is a health enthusiast, who loves cooking delicious yet nutritious fast food. His motto is to bring flavour with health in his dumplings.

Our chef prides himself on being able to be a creative director by the day and a diligent chef by night. At the Dumpling Republic, you will find yourself devouring over the yummy dumplings which are made with very special care.

His specialities and Favourite dishes

Our chef brings flavour to the dumplings by making it with great precision. He puts a lot of thought into making the dumplings marvellous, through its texture, visual appearance and creating new fillings for the dumplings. 

“I try to introduce new fillings for our dumplings as they excite the taste buds and lift the spirit with every bite of the customer.”

His tip to fellow Chefs!

He says – “ Cooking is like being creative for someone else, so be as creative as you can because you will always have someone who will appreciate your creativity!

Don’t fear failure!”

If you would like to be a Home Chef in Urban Tummy, please register by clicking here!

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