Meet Our Chef: Kimberly

Meet Our Chef: Kimberly

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef, Kimberly.

How her journey started

The Monster BakeHaus was a result of Covid and the hard work of the whole family. They started their family home-based business because she and her mom wanted to start a side hustle to help ease her dad’s financial burden.

The initiative of Monster BakeHaus has made up for the pay cut my dad & I both got when covid hit Singapore. With a side business, it became easy to run the family with the help of each and every member.

Momster (mama) does the baking, Popster (papa) does the deliveries & Nomster (daughter) collates the orders!

Her specialities and Favourite dishes

Their signature product is Imimisu- a tiramisu that tastes just like a normal tiramisu, but without the caffeine. They don’t use Milo, nor decaffeinated coffee but uses a special ingredient that gives their Imimisu the coffee aroma without the caffeine!

The best selling is definitely their signature & seasonal tiramisu flavours like yuzu & berries! They also (not so) recently launched the vegan raspberry & lemon scookies, and have been loving them too!!
She says they’ll be launching their Mini Vegan Chocolate Cake soon!!

She says, “Our tiramisu can be eaten slightly thawed after being frozen for ice cream like texture 🤤and our scookies with chocolate fillings are definitely even yummier once heated up!!”

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

She believes, the family is the most important thing in life so treasure them!! We’re glad to have each other through such tumultuous times.

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