Meet Our Chef: Aishah

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef, Aishah.

How her journey started

The motivation behind Dapur Asmah starts when Aishah lost her beloved mother at the age of 16. When she was with her, she was an amazing cook and always taught her how to make some of her recipes. There were times when she missed her handiwork and at these moments she thought of continuing her mom’s culinary legacy. 

Her desire to open the brand “Dapur Asmah” had been on the bucket list for several years and she is treating this as a stepping stone towards venturing into entrepreneurship.

Also, thanks to the fast moving lifestyle within Singapore, families are unable to cook on a daily basis. To cater this segment and keeping alive the family tradition of cooking and eating together, she decided to offer sauté paste.

Her specialities and Favourite dishes

She takes the traditional approach to make Rendang istimewa, asam pedas & kari ayam, tasty and authentic enough to remind you of your mother’s cooking.

The thought behind saute paste was that it will benefit everyone who is struggling with time, especially working parents who are very tired after a long day at work. Even though it’s only an instant paste, it still tastes much like a mother’s cooking which makes her reminisce about the sacrifices her late mum made for her and her sibling.

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

“ The best human beings are those who are most beneficial to others. Have the courage to start, the rest will follow”

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