Meet Our Chef: Tina
Iftar during Ramazan

Meet Our Chef: Tina

Hello Tummy Heroes and Urban Chef’s,

In this section, we are going to cover yet another story of a passionate home chef, Tina.

How her journey started

The lead chef and director has always had a passion for cooking, particularly for her family. She was in the corporate banking sector for the last 15 years, but soon decided to pursue her passion in cooking. She began offering home-based catering as well as cooking for individuals privately.

After a few years, one day, one of her customers asked, “Don’t you have a restaurant?”, and then she decided indeed it was time to embark on a new journey to reach out to a greater audience and share her delicious home-cooked dishes.

She began as a home-based service and, with the support of our loyal customer base, they are now a full-fledged restaurant. Nonetheless, her mission remains the same, “to treat everyone who walks through our doors like family and serve you authentic foods that nourish both your body and soul.”

Her specialities and Favourite dishes

Timika Cuisine is her own way of inspiring change in the food industry and the world. It is her mission to craft authentic dishes that come from the heart and touch the hearts of those who receive it. Their Thai-Indian dishes are lovingly created with a mother’s touch – everything that arrives on your table is made from scratch, such as the curries from paste we make ourselves or the spices we roast in-house.

Our specialties and best selling dishes are ‘biryani & naan’ for catering service and in restaurant our popular dish is ‘green curry fried rice and naan with butter chicken.’

Biryani served with yogurt in a handi

Her tip to fellow Chefs!

“We have and always will believe that great cooking comes from the heart. In today’s world, this is rare as real and authentic food has been replaced by mass-produced products that lack any soul.

Start small and focus on authentic and healthy food, success will follow.”

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