How to create the perfect menu

Congratulations, you’re officially set-up and now you’re ready to build your very own community in Urban Tummy. Let’s first create a unique menu of home cooked meals that’ll keep nearby customers coming back for more. Here’s a few steps to help you get started!

Select your Go-To dishes

Write down a list of your go-to meals that always get you major compliments when you prepare them for your friends and family. Simplify that list even further by selecting your absolute favorite meals that are simple to make, and feature ingredients that are accessible the entire year-round.

Create a theme for your menu

Use your food to tell your story! Is your menu inspired by recipes that were passed down to you, distinct flavors of a cultural cuisine, or made completely with locally sourced ingredients? Find your “why” and use it to create a unique theme that shows what makes your cuisine so special. 

Not only will it help your menu stand out, but it will help future customers find exactly what they’re craving.

Consider revamping your menu every few months with fresh new recipes and seasonal ingredients to keep your customers engaged.

List your ingredients

List out all of the ingredients and portions needed for all of your dishes, and keep them in a recipe binder or cookbook so that you’re prepared when order starts rolling in. This will also make it easy for you to create organized budgets for your trips to the grocery store.

Make sure that the price is right

Now that you know exactly what you plan to sell, it’s time to figure out exactly how much to sell it for! To determine how much you should charge for each meal, first find out the raw food cost of each menu item and calculate associated costs such as packaging and other overheads (Electricity/Gas etc) so that you can define your margins and guarantee that you’ll make a profit. 

The industry average is between 15% to 40%

Add dashes of colour to your menu

You figured out your menu and pricing, and now it’s time to create descriptive and engaging names for each dish. Make your menu easily searchable by including keywords that people are likely to search like ‘burger’ or ‘salad,’ and add adjectives like ‘delectable,’ or ‘refreshing,’ to make your cuisine stand out. Think about the inspiration, cultural origins, and ingredients behind each dish to create detail-oriented descriptions for your menu.

Organize your menu

Make it easy for customers to find exactly what they’re looking for by organizing your dishes into sections. Divide your menu by meal type (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), by dietary restrictions such as vegan, gluten free and keto, or by price. Also let your customers know what your crowd favorites are by highlighting your best-sellers and weekly specials.

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