5 reasons you must have homemade food in Malaysia
Homemade food in Malaysia

5 reasons you must have homemade food in Malaysia

The food in Malaysia is exotic, appealing, delicious and wholesome at the same time. You will be amazed by how diverse the range of cuisine you can find here. You will come across cuisines like Indian, Singaporean and Chinese due to its geographical location and the demand from the population.

But one question still remains, ‘why to have outside food when you can taste the real delicacies made by Home chefs in Malaysia’.

Well, here is why you need to have home-cooked or meals from Hawkers in Malaysia.

1. Authentic and Traditional

Traditional food in Malaysia
Traditional food in Malaysia

Your parents have always taught you about the cultures and traditions in the family. They know about traditions, culture and religious norms better than anyone and only these chef moms and dads know how to cook a traditional recipe well.

When you go to a restaurant they serve you meals in such a hurry that they may not pay attention to the details to make the traditional recipes. But home chefs and hawkers in Malaysia are known for their delicious and authentic way of cooking. These home chefs and hawkers are part-time cooks who love to introduce new delicacies every now and then. What makes them so special is that they cook traditional dishes so that it does get lost in the ways of the new world.

2. Freshly Made on Order

Fresh food in Malaysia
Fresh food in Malaysia

Restaurant foods are not necessarily fresh as they tend to customers on the spot and serve so many people at the same time that they have to prepare a whole lot of food in advance. This makes the food unhealthy to consume for anyone.

But our home chefs and hawkers prepare meals right before delivering them. They receive orders in advance and cook when the date and time are near. This way the food is cooked right before delivery so that it stays fresh, hot and healthy for consumption.

3. Extra care, love and safety

Quality food in Malaysia
Quality food in Malaysia

Home Chefs and Hawkers prepare meals with extra care and love. They say it tastes like meals from home, just how mom cooks them. Like the food prepared by your mom, the secret ingredient here too is LOVE.

The home chefs and hawkers use quality ingredients and make sure that food is cooked fresh and in a clean environment. Home chefs and hawkers use clean utensils, wear gloves and a hair net before coking any dish to maintain hygiene. Safety and hygiene are given utmost priority and thus it is cooked with extra care.

4. Affordable

Despite the tasty food and the quality ingredients used by the home chefs and hawkers in Malaysia, the prices are pretty affordable for consumption. In fact, it is so affordable that you can always order from these home chefs and hawkers for your daily meals.

5. Someone like you and me

Home Chefs
Home chefs

The home chefs and hawkers are people like you and me who are starting their own home-based businesses. There shall be no doubts when it comes to ordering from them. The quality, ingredients and safety are all looked over. If there are still trust issues, order from a third-party website or apps like Urbantummy.com they look after hygiene and quality of food made by their home chefs.

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