5 Easy Lunch Box Dishes for School Children

5 Easy Lunch Box Dishes for School Children

It is always confusing to decide what to send your child for tiffin. With your own work and house chores, it becomes difficult to pack something for your child. You want to provide them with lunch that is healthy for them and filling as well. So how to manage all of this at once without stressing yourself.

Here we are again to help you make the best and easy choice to pack for the tiffin that will be healthy and filling for your child plus flavourful and tasty.

1. Carrot Rice

Carrot Rice is a healthy recipe that you can prepare for lunch boxes for both kids as well as adults as it is an easy-to-make recipe that you can make within minutes.

it is a super healthy choice for kids since carrots are highly beneficial for your body. They also help in healing the eyesight after a stressful day of staring at the board in the school.

2. Rice with curry

Rice is a heavy meal option for kids who need energy for their day. it will keep their stomachs full and provide energy for the day.

Sending only rice will be boring and they will end up not eating it so pair it with a curry or dal so that its soft, chewable and tasty.

3. Noodles

Kids love it when their favourite food is packed for lunch and are always excited to eat it.

Make sure once in a while you make noodles with veggies so that they are excited about the lunch plus they get proteins and vitamins from the veggies.

Note: Veggies should be included in all meals since they are an important part of a healthy lifestyle for kids.

4. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are the best option for tiffins.

They are fresh plus lots of veggies go into it and kids always love eating sandwiches. You can make a variety of sandwiches like spinach corn, vegetable sandwich, toasted sandwich, etc.

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